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Discover Your Own City By Creating a Strol City Guide

Strol is all about making the most of your time while experiencing a city—but you don’t have to jet off to some exotic location to discover new and exciting places.

In fact, your own backyard can be one of the greatest sources of pleasure and delight when you use the Strol app. By using Strol to “discover” your own city, you’ll find hidden gems you might never have known existed, from quaint eateries to unique museums and picturesque streets off your beaten path.

You’ll also contribute to creating the Strol city guide for your locale, helping others discover your favorite haunts and showing visitors what makes your city so lovable and livable.

How it works

Strol prides itself on providing users with the most interesting, entertaining and beautiful routes in any given place around the world. To do this, we rely on the collective effort of the crowd to help build our Strol worldwide city index.

For example, a visitor from Spain might use the Strol app as he explores Manhattan for the first time. When he discovers a noteworthy landmark or attraction that’s not already in the Strol database, he can add it to our ever-growing library for others to find and enjoy. All it takes to snap a photo or two and type in name. The location will already be marked on the map.

On the other side of the coin, a Manhattan local might ditch her normal subway ride in favor of discovering a new route on foot using Strol; in turn, she’ll see more of the city than just New York Public Library and Grand Central Station on her typical commute. And, she can add photos of her favorite or newly discovered places to Strol.


View, mark and add landmarks.

In this way, both tourists and locals team up to create a crowdsourced road map of the city’s intricacies, bumping up their respective city’s rank along the way. Every time a user likes, photographs or comments on a landmark it receives points increasing its level prominence.

Rep your city

Here in the U.S., nothing is quite as entertaining as listening to an east-coaster and a west-coaster duke it out in a verbal tennis match over which side of the country reigns supreme. It’s all in good fun, of course, with each party drawing on his or her passions to support their case.

“You just can’t beat the San Diego beaches,” the west-coaster will assert.

“Maybe, but Washington, D.C. has a more storied history than anywhere else,” retorts the east-coast native.

And on it goes. All the while, the listener discovers new things to learn about and love in each arguer’s hometown.

Strol works in the same way. Each user has the unique ability to build a case for his or her city, putting it on the map and convincing the rest of us why it’s worthy of discovering.   

Join the fun

Enough talk—start discovering your town and add it to the Strol city index today. Here’s how:

  • Install the Strol app for free for iPhone or Android.
  • Create a route to a new destination or a tour that returns you to your starting point.
  • Go for a walk with the route loaded by Strol. As you pass a landmark, snap a photo or like it – the landmark will receive points. Or add a new landmark if you see something worth seeing.
  • The more points your city’s landmarks receive, the higher the city ranks within Strol (getting noticed by more people!).
  • When you complete your route, you rack up achievements like landmarks seen and distance walked.

We believe every city offers interesting things to see, local culture to experience and character to discover. Discover it with Strol, so others can enjoy it, too!


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Take the ‘Tour de Woody Allen’ with Strol

Woody Allen films are known as much for their quirky humor and ensemble casts as they are for iconic filming locations in some of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Some of the spots featured in the legendary filmmaker’s flicks aren’t always well-known, though. To help you uncover these made-for-the-silver-screen shooting locations, we rounded up a list of places to walk the same city streets and cobblestone paths as your favorite characters using Strol.


It’s been nearly four decades since Allen’s monochrome box office hit first graced theaters, and New York City has changed a lot since then. But fans might be surprised how many iconic Big Apple filming locations from the 1979 film still exist today.

Sutton Place Park

Photo by Roy Googin/

In one of Manhattan’s more famous scenes (the one used for the movie poster, in fact) Allen and actress Diane Keaton sit side-by-side on a bench beneath the Queensboro Bridge and watch the sun rise over the East River.

The bench was a prop and doesn’t exist in real life, but Sutton Place Park offers the same vantage point and a place to sit after a brisk walk. The actual spot where the duo sat is on the street above the park.

John Pizza

Photo by Shannon McGee/

Allen’s movie girlfriend Tracey, played by Ernest Hemmingway’s granddaughter, tells him she’s going to London in a local pizzeria. It’s actually still standing and serving up slices to this day. The popular pizza joint is called John’s Pizza on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village—perfect for rewarding your stomach after a long walk.


Photo by Jean-Christophe Benoist/

Art fans will instantly recognize the distinctive Guggenheim Museum on Fifth Avenue and the Sculpture Gallery at the Museum of Modern Art on West 53rd Street. Find both by searching by destination in your Strol app.

Midnight In Paris

This Oscar-winning Allen film places Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and some of the City of Light’s most beautiful, picturesque spots in the starring roles. As the film depicts, there’s plenty more to see than just the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe on your next trip to Paris.

Monet Gardens

Photo by Pierre-Étienne Nataf/

About an hour outside of the city, take a Strol in the same place frequented by both the film’s stars and Claude Monet. The impressionist painter’s lush, dream-like gardens in Giverny set the scene for Wilson and McAdams to take an on-screen walk.

Quai de la Tournelle

Photo via

Remember when Wilson and French actress Marion Cotillard went for a quiet, romantic stroll along a cobblestone road? That’s the Quai de la Tournelle on the banks of the Seine River. No spoilers here, but if you’ve seen the film you also know the dramatic surprise that comes at the end of the scene.

Pont Alexandre Bridge

Photo via

The stunning Pont Alexandre III bridge is where Owen Wilson’s character finds true love at last. The film draws to a close with him walking in the rain with French actress Léa Seydoux.

To Rome With Love

This 2012 romantic comedy with an ensemble cast takes us on a whirlwind tour through the Eternal City, from piazzas to ancient Roman ruins. There are the obvious landmarks like the Colosseum, as well as other eye-catching destinations you might not know so well.

Take a Strol in Rome and retrace the steps of Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page and Penélope Cruz.

Caffe Della Pace

Photo by

The charming cafe where Baldwin grabs a drink and snack with friends is Caffè della Pace, a famous hangout spot for real-life authors and artists. After getting your coffee fix at the café, take a short Strol to Piazza Navona, a photogenic hotspot lined with historic fountains.

Villa Borghese Gardens

Photo by Jean-Christophe Benoist/

Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page have a moment at the Villa Borghese gardens, one of the largest and most stunning parks in Rome. After taking photos at the 18th century Temple of Aesculapius featured in the film, take a walk through the rest of the park, which is packed with attractions including museums and a famous art gallery.


Photo by Tino Warinowski /

The quaint, charming neighborhood where Baldwin meets Eisenberg is called Trastevere, which also happens to be where Roberto Benigni’s character gets stalked by paparazzi at Sabatini Restaurant on the Piazza Santa Maria.

Travelers say it’s a lively place to take a walk at night, and it’s also home to some of the oldest churches in Rome.

Which iconic cinema city will you discover first? Whichever you choose, be sure to use the free Strol app for iPhone or Android to help you get around when you go.

City Travel

World Tourism Day – Stroling around Cities of the World

Are you the type of traveler who does not like to leave any stones unturned from whatever place that you visit? Do you often feel that you miss out on a lot of things while viewing the city from the inside of the coaster bus that your travel agent commissioned for your group? Get to know a city better by getting Strol—it’s like having your own tour guide. Oh wait—Strol is better than that. It lets you become your own tour guide!

Strol is a sightseeing app that creates scenic walking routes around your location. It works like any other map app, except that it finds the most interesting places to see and the best sights a city has while you’re walking from one place to another. And how do we know that the information provided in the app is tried and tested? It’s provided by regular Stolers like you!

So, where should you Strol next?

Old world, new world, it all has plenty of beautiful places to discover on foot. Here are some. Happy Stroling!

New York, NY, USA

Times Square New York

Times Square, New York / Serguei Sofinski

New York, NY, Midtown. If there is one way to discover The Big Apple sights, it’s definitely through taking strolls! First off, it is not a good idea to drive around jammed NYC streets (just try it if you  don’t believe). Second of all, you really have to walk to take its beauty in—the genius architecture of the Empire State Building, the tall and majestic Chrysler Building and the beautiful chaos that is Times Square.

New Orleans, LA, USA

Burbon Street

Burbon Street / Ken Lund

New Orleans, LA, French Quarter. A walk along the French Quarter of New Orleans will enthrall any visitor of its charms. Seeing fine buildings like the Louis Cathedral and the Cabildo, you’ll be thankful you did not drive and Stroled instead. After soaking up the perfection of the architecture, make sure to drop by New Orleans’ iconic coffee shop, Café du Monde for a cup of café au lait.

Bruges, Belgium


Belfry /

Bruges, Belgium, walk along canal. The quaint little city of Bruges is so scenic that you would think every stop marked in your Strol app is a page taken out of your favorite classic novel. Bruges is your time travel from the concrete jungle because of the Medieval feel the city gives you with every step. Start turning the pages of your story with this route!

Tallinn, Estonia


Katariina Käik / Serguei Sofinski

Tallinn, Estonia, up the hill to Old Town. Old Hanseatic town, Talling is one of Europe’s Nordic Medieval cities. Most of Old Town is a car-free zone so driving is really out of the question.  Plus, you won’t see much from a car in Tallinn narrow streets. Make sure to use Strol to find the hidden gem that is Katariina Käik. It is usually hard to locate, especially during the summer, when the passage is obscured by coffee shops. Once inside, check out the handicraft shops where the actual making of the handicrafts by artisans are being demonstrated. That way, you do not just take home a souvenir, but also a piece of Estonian culture.

Melbourne, Australia

Federation Square

Federation Square / profernity

Melbourne, Australia, City Centre Walk. One of the reasons why you should take a walking tour of Melbourne City Centre is for you to appreciate the art that peppers the area. It’s like touring a very large contemporary museum! A Strol from Hosier Lane to Federation Square will show you gems from street artists like as Be Free. If you’re a big fan of street art, this is definitely the perfect route for you!

Cape Town, South Africa

Artillery Monument in the Company Gardens

Artillery Monument in the Company Gardens /

Cape Town, South Africa, historical and commercial center of the city. Cape Town is immensely rich in history. Luckily for us, majority of the landmarks and historical sites in Cape Town are well-preserved. This route will show vacationers St. Geroge’s Cathedral, Cape Town’s oldest Anglican Church, Centre for the Book, The Company’s Garden, and Iziko South African Museum.

The best city tours are literally at the palm of your hands! Enjoy these routes to make your trips more meaningful and more tailored-fit to your interest. Download Strol on your iPhone or Android phone now!

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Why waste your trip crammed inside an economy-class rental car?

In a world where everyone seems to spend most of their time behind the wheel stuck in traffic, why not park, get a breath of fresh air and take in the sights?

We’ve compiled a selection of destinations that can’t be seen from behind a car window… sometimes because cars aren’t even allowed!

Cinque Terre, Italy


Photo via

Nestled on the rugged coast of the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre is known for its breathtaking views, beautiful pastel buildings, and for being almost completely car-free. Most visitors get there by ferry or train from Genoa and La Spezia, and then it’s up to your feet to get you around Cinque Terre’s five villages.

Surrounded by lush terraced hillsides, Cinque Terre has several picturesque beaches and swimming spots to walk to and dive in. The town of Corniglia is known for its delicious gelato, so after working up a sweat winding through medieval alleys, cool off with a sweet Italian treat on secluded Guvano Beach.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Photo by Flickr user Richard G.

The only traffic you’ll have to worry about here is the pedestrian variety. Boasting one of the largest and oldest auto-free zones in the world, the first thing you’ll probably notice about Copenhagen is everybody either walks or rides a bike.

This foot-traffic-friendly, coastal city on the edge of the Baltic is packed with history and culture. Use Strol to navigate to Christiansborg palace or the old City Center.

Salamanca, Spain


Photo by Aly Jentges de Luxemburgo

Leave your car behind when you visit this Spanish city packed with awe-inspiring buildings from medieval times and the Renaissance.

Know what you can’t do with four wheels in Salamanca? Walk across an old Roman bridge or make a pit-stop at an outdoor cafe on the city’s 18th century Plaza Mayor, that’s what.

Salamanca’s Old City is closed to vehicles, and is truly a paradise for pedestrians and history buffs.

New Orleans, Louisiana


Photo by Elisa.rolle

A trip to the Big Easy is a big waste if you drive instead of walk the jazz-filled streets of New Orleans. Several blocks in the French Quarter are blocked off to cars, so in some spots you have no choice but to hop out of your vehicle and go for a stroll in this fun-loving melting pot of a town.

On boisterous Bourbon Street, grab a sweet beignet from Café du Monde and listen to a brass band parade on by. It wouldn’t be Bourbon Street without an eclectic array of street performers, ranging from sword swallowers to people pretending to be statues.

“Laissez les bon temps roulez” with Strol!

Washington, D.C.


Photo by Martin Falbisoner

Forget about taking a tour bus if you really want to experience our nation’s capital, snapping some awesome photos along the way. While it’s a huge tourist destination, Washington, D.C. is also a great place for people looking to go for an unforgettable walk and see countless world-famous sights at the same time.

Almost all of the major monuments and landmarks are within walking distance of one another if you’ve got the stamina. In a care, on the other hand, you’ll miss out on some incredible experiences like climbing to the top of the Washington Monument or getting a close-up look at the Capitol Building.

Istanbul, Turkey


Photo by Zumrasha

This 3,000-year-old city is a unique melting pot of both culture and architecture, and a lot of its star attractions are only accessible by foot. Enter a labyrinth of colorful market stalls in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or walk among the city’s palaces, mosques and ancient ruins.

Intrepid explorers can take a ferry to the Prince Islands off the coast, where cars are prohibited.

As you can see, exploring the world on four wheels severely limits your sightseeing potential! Opt for two feet instead by using Strol on your next trip; download the free app for iPhone or Android now!


4 Steps to Successfully Pair Business Travel with Vacation

The concept of mixing business travel with a family vacation is becoming more and more commonplace. In fact, it’s even got its own made up term: “bleisure travel.”

This pairing of business with pleasure has many upsides, not the least of which is getting to spend more time with your family. Who doesn’t want that?

So, how can you prepare to successfully meld a work trip with a family vacation? Follow these four tips.

  1. Inform your boss.

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure bringing the family along won’t put your professional position at risk. Most companies are open to business + vacation pairings, so long as your work gets done along the way.

Talking with your boss ahead of time can help you avoid any financial snafus, like forgetting to use separate cards for your working lunch and your family’s evening out.

  1. Set yourself up for less stress

Planning ahead is the name of the game when it comes to nailing a stress-free biz-cation. Strol route-finding app for iPhone or Android is the perfect solution for minimizing stress because it eliminates the need to book tedious group tours or stick to a predefined itinerary—both of which can be tricky with little ones in tow!

With Strol, it’s easy to sightsee from wherever you are at a given moment, be it your hotel or the site of the meeting you just wrapped up.

  1. Shop smart

When booking flights and hotel accommodations, consider the possibility of straying from the herd. If the rest of the team is heading home on Sunday morning, opt for an evening flight instead to give yourself an additional day to enjoy the trip.

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you may also be able to score big with travel loyalty programs. Build up points on your various trips throughout the year, then cash them in for convenient upgrades when your family joins you on your travels.

  1. Don’t neglect break time

An hour-long lunch break can feel like too short of a window to see anything of interest. But in fact, when you use Strol, it’s more than enough time to experience some of a city’s best landmarks.

When you run a Strol search by duration, the app will automatically return sightseeing routes that fit within your desired window—say, 30 minutes. You can spend half an hour enjoying a scenic walk and still have plenty of time to grab a sandwich before work is back in session.

Download Strol for iPhone or Android and see how easy it is to mix business travel with vacation and in turn, spend more time with your family.

Brattleboro in the Fall
City Travel

Strol Away from Crowds for Labor Day Weekend

Ah, Labor Day weekend. A time for barbecues, hanging out with family and enjoying the last few days of summer before they slip away. Oh—and travel nightmares.

If you’ve ever been anywhere near a major city during this hectic holiday weekend, you know the roadways and airways are a zoo as locals try to take off and tourists make their way into town.

This year, we invite you to escape the crowds and Strol the route less traveled. Here are six lesser-known destinations with some of high-ranked Strol routes to get away this Labor Day weekend.

  1. Savannah, Georgia

Walk along historic cobblestone streets in one of the South’s most beautiful cities. Savannah bills itself as a pedestrian paradise where you can admire old Southern mansions, manicured gardens and oak trees draped in enchanting Spanish moss.

Set your Strol route to explore Savannah’s Historic District, which is packed with monuments, history, and homes that have been converted into museums, inns and restaurants open to the public. After that, meander down to the waterfront to check out riverboats floating past on the Savannah River.

One destination you don’t want to miss: Chippewa Square, where Tom Hanks famously sat on a bench with a box of chocolates in Forrest Gump.

Try these Savannah Strols

  1. Brattleboro, Vermont

This bucolic small town nestled on the banks of the Connecticut River is known for its fun, artsy vibe. Its streets are lined with historic brick buildings home to eclectic shops and boutiques.

As you follow your Strol route across the Main Street Bridge, have a look over the railing and down at the Whetstone Brook which cuts through the heart of town—a great photo op.

About a mile and a half from there, take a walk across the Creamery Covered Bridge, built in the 19th century. Cars aren’t allowed on the bridge anymore making it the perfect path for sightseers on foot.

Try these Brattleboro Strols

  1. Naperville, Illinois

You probably know Chicago, but we’re willing to bet you don’t know this destination in the Windy City’s suburbs. It’s time to change that!

Naperville prides itself on being a pedestrian-friendly city, perfect for Strol users. The city’s Riverwalk boasts miles of tranquil brick paths dotted with bridges, fountains and colorful gardens, which are beautiful this time of year, while the city’s safe, quaint and vibrant downtown district is bustling with art galleries and boutiques.  And, don’t miss historic Naper Settlement.

Try these Naperville Strols

  1. Dubuque, Iowa

If you’re out to uncover a gem of Mother Nature, you’ll definitely want to explore the “Masterpiece on the Mississippi.” Dubuque is proud of its natural beauty, and for good reason.

A 53-mile trail system welcomes walkers and hikers into the wilderness, while the more urban Mississippi Riverwalk offers sculptures, parks, beautiful landscaping and stunning views of the mighty waterway.

Intrepid outdoor lovers can follow Strol routes to uncover old logging roads around town with scenic overlooks, forests, prairies, and limestone bluffs for unforgettable selfies.

Try these Dubuque Strols

  1. Norman, Oklahoma

Home to the Sooners and some great spots to go for a walk, Norman is next up on our list.

You don’t have to go far to find idyllic scenery; smack dab in the middle of the city is Sutton Wilderness Trail Park, a quiet nature preserve. The park’s 1.3 mile walking trail is easily accessible and treats visitors to a sea of colorful wildflowers. It’s also a popular spot for bird watching.

On the Eastern side of town, check out Lake Thunderbird Park for tree-lined and beautiful lake vistas.

Try these Norman Strols

  1. Eureka, California

If too much screen time is your ailment, a walk back through time on California’s Redwood Coast is the cure. The entire city of Eureka is essentially a historic landmark, with hundreds of gorgeous Victorian homes awaiting you on your Strol.

Pick a street and a Strol route and you’re bound to discover rare and unique architecture from the Gilded Age that looks like it’s straight out of an episode of The Addams Family. Don’t miss the famous Carson Mansion–a must-see attraction that once belonged to a major lumber baron back in the 19th century.

Eureka’s Old Town is brimming with culture and buildings covered in funky murals. And one more thing before you go: walk down to the city’s boardwalk and watch the unforgettable sunset over Humboldt Bay.

Try these Eureka Strols

Enjoy all of these above destinations by downloading the free Strol app for iPhone or Android.

Strol over Pokemon Go

Ditch Pokémon Go and Go For a Strol Instead

You’ve probably seen them: mobs of teenagers swarming the streets like something out of The Walking Dead, hunched over their cell phones like mindless zombies. No, it’s not the apocalypse or a scene from that old horror movie Children of the Corn (though it’s almost as frightening!).

It’s Pokémon Go, the latest craze in mobile entertainment and the first major augmented reality app to go mainstream. But while it might be getting folks off the couch, it’s still centered around a make-believe world (in case you’re out of the loop, the app turns you into a virtual “trainer” out to capture animated cartoon characters—yep, Pokemon).

Instead of chasing around pretend creatures as the world passes you by, why not go for a Strol with an app that’s firmly planted in reality?

Strol encourages its users to explore and experience the world around them. Here are five reasons you should ditch Pokémon Go and opt for a Strol instead.

  1. Strol is a tour guide to the real world

Which would you rather discover: an imaginary monster worth some points on a screen, or a hidden hotspot where street musicians are jamming and locals dance the night away?

If you like the sound of the latter, you’ll find it using Strol. Strol creates a custom, personalized route for you to discover the best sites and adventures in any city based on how much time you have to explore.

Instead of searching for make-believe candy and racking up Pokémon Go points, you’ll find a locally famous cafe that serves up actual delicious treats.

  1. You’ll actually learn something useful

Is that the Arc De Triomphe, or just some spot where you can catch a rare Pikachu?

Pokémon Go may take you to some interesting places, but the very concept of the app requires you to focus more on the dancing cartoon on the screen instead of the unforgettable landmark right in front of you.

Instead of an empty and unfulfilling experience you’ll forget about after an hour or two, Strol packs your route with interesting tidbits about unique places of interest that will both educate you and make for a lasting memory.

  1. You’ll get some exercise and fresh air

Instead of going to a make-believe Pokémon Gym where the most rigorous activity is the swiping of fingers on screens, get some real exercise by going for a brisk walk while taking in the sights.

Strol is built on the foundation of enjoying the beauty of your surroundings rather than having your eyes and fingers glued to a cell phone. Science has proven that even a short walk can some with considerable health benefits, and with Strol it’s up to you how long you want your walk to be. We’ll be sure to help you experience some cool spots along the way.

  1. Your eyes aren’t stuck on the screen

Pokémon Go has been making some highly unfortunate headlines, from kids walking into light poles and even getting hit by cars. Yikes!

Pokémon Go has the unintended side effect of turning you into a drone, oblivious to the real world around you. Strol works hard to keep your eyes off the screen as much as possible. Not only will you experience and enjoy your surroundings more, you’ll actually be aware of them… including that busy street you probably shouldn’t be crossing while staring at your phone.

  1. You’ll never stop discovering

Whether you’re in a new city or back in your hometown, there’s always something new to discover with Strol. Landmarks you haven’t seen, routes you haven’t taken and places you haven’t experienced: it’s all up for the taking from right there in the app.

Don’t waste your trip to a new place by playing Pokémon Go the entire time. Not only could you miss out on some once-in-a-lifetime experiences, the locals might just think you’re crazy!

Ready to give up chasing Pokémon in an imaginary world? We can’t wait to take you on an exciting journey. Live in, experience and enjoy the real world by downloading Strol for free for iPhone or Android.

Rio de Janeiro

Strol vs. Google Maps: Google Maps Go For the Win, Strol Gets You the Golden Route

Aiming for the gold, Google updated its Rio Maps for the Summer Olympics with 1,300 bus routes, 3,000 new business listings and indoor maps of the Olympic venues. Alas, none of these routes require Olympic discipline to follow. Walking, on the other hand, does.

Strol gives you best, most interesting and picturesque walking path to your destination—the truly golden route when it comes to getting the most out of your walk.

The Strol walking route app isn’t about how fast you get there. Instead, it’s about taking the most scenic path filled with sights, experiences and beautiful surroundings—a novel concept in a world obsessed with the shortest distance between two points.

The Fastest Route vs. The Scenic Route

Google Maps gives you the fastest route. There’s a place and time for that, of course, like when you’re already five minutes late and still have to drop off the kids before getting to work!

For life’s less-panic-inducing moments when you have a few more minutes to spare, Strol will use its unique algorithm to uncover the most enjoyable route lined with culture, history and beautiful things for you to see—even if it’s just on your routine walk to work.

Strol points out interesting landmarks and places of local significance along with a brief lesson of the sport’s history; the same can’t be said for Google Maps.

If you’re not a fan of the robot ordering you around and saying “recalculating” over and over again, swap Google Maps for Strol and take a relaxing walk instead.

Become Part of A Growing, Interactive Community

Strol is a lot more than a route on a screen. It’s a growing, thriving, interactive community of users who can pinpoint interesting locations and hidden gems as they discover them. By crowdsourcing information from thousands of active users, Strol helps shape your experience of a city in real-time.

When you begin exploring with Strol, you blaze a trail for others who come after you. Instead of leaving a boring, anonymous Google review, mark your favorite, can’t-miss spots for other people to enjoy and photograph (and see which places other users loved most!).

Choose Your Own Ending

Remember those young adult novels that give you a choice between two endings? Strol is a little bit like that, but with an added dose of adventure along the way.

With Strol, you can choose a route based on two factors: where you want to go or how long you want to explore. Have an hour to kill and a movie to catch? Perfect. We’ll get you to the theater right on time, but not before showing you a few interesting landmarks in your backyard. Bet Google Maps can’t do that!

Park The Car and Go For A Strol

Unlike Google Maps, which was originally build for drivers in cars, Strol is specifically engineered for pedestrians. Doesn’t a breath of fresh air sound like a nice alternative to sitting in gridlock?

Park the car, get some exercise and truly experience your city by walking its streets. No worries—we’ll show you the best path to take. In such a busy world, sometimes it’s a nice change of pace to slow down, ditch the Google Map and take it all in.

Download Strol for free for iPhone or Android.