We believe the best way to experience a new city is to walk its streets, taking in its sights. To pause and sip coffee from a streetside café. To notice the fragrance of flowers from a tucked-away park. Too often, though, we rush from landmark to landmark, missing those small, unique details that give a city its character.

We created Strol to allow you to ditch maps and guidebooks in favor of your own adventure. You choose your destination, and Strol will provide the most interesting, scenic route to get you there. Those memorable, distinctive details a traveler craves? You’ll discover more of them with Strol.

With Strol, it’s not about finding the shortest route or the one that will get you where you’re going fastest. It’s about savoring the journey. Download the app today and enjoy your Strol.


Serguei Sofinski

Serguei Sofinski – Founder

Serguei Sofinski is a seasoned entrepreneur with a special interest in travel and geography. Prior to launching Strol, Serguei served as CEO of Intermedia, a leader in business communications services.

Serguei has a degree in oceanography and worked for nearly a decade at the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. His excitement for science and technology fueled his desire to launch Strol. He lives in Los Altos, California with his wife and two children.

To connect with Serguei, visit his LinkedIn profile.