Puerto Rico, Spain

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Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria is a holiday resort situated on the south-west coast of the Spanish island of Gran Canaria. The island's latitude and proximity to the African west coast ensures an even and comfortable climate. Temperatures in the winter remain around 20-25 °C while there is an average of less than three days per month of precipitation. The volcanic origin of Gran Canaria provides for the island's coastal ruggedness and contrasting verdant interior. Many of the rocky ravines that lead down to the coastline on the southern side of the island have been developed with holiday installations similar to that of Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria. Apartment complexes and hotels crowd the sides of the otherwise barren cliffs leading down to long, natural beaches. Puerto Rico has a sandy beach and two small harbours. Inside Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria the majority of shops and restaurants are situated in small commercial shopping centers. the Pasarela center is located closest to the beach,... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria
Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria
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