Pivovar Eggenberg

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Pivovar Eggenberg is a brewery in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. Brewing in Český Krumlov dates back to 1336. The House of Rosenberg acquired a brewery in the town in 1522 and relocated it to its current location from 1625–30. After the death of the male inheritors of the House of Rosenberg (1611), in 1622 the dominion was given to the House of Eggenberg and in 1628 Hans Ulrich von Eggenberg was named Duke of Krumau by Ferdinand II. Thus the House of Eggenberg acquired the lucrative dominion including possession of Český Krumlov Castle and the brewery. The Eggenberg's held the dominion in their possession until 1717 when the last male heir to the House of Eggenberg died at only 13, after which the dominion and the Eggenberg Bohemian possessions passed to the House of Schwarzenberg which began modernizing the brewery in 1719 and decorated it in the Baroque style. The brewery's equipment and machinery were kept up to date during the Schwarzenbergs' ownership. Production volumes increased... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
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