Carlton Centre

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The Carlton Centre is a skyscraper and shopping centre located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. At 223 metres (732 ft), it has been the tallest office building in Africa since 1973. The Carlton Centre has 50 floors. The foundations of the two buildings in the complex are 5 m (16 ft) in diameter and extend 15 m (49 ft) down to the bedrock, 35 m (115 ft) below street level. The building houses both offices and shops, and has over 46 per cent of the floor area below ground level. The Carlton Centre is linked to the Carlton Hotel by a below-ground shopping centre with over 180 shops.... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
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Constitution Hill, Johannesburg
Constitution Hill, Johannesburg
Constitutional Court of South Africa
Constitutional Court of South Africa
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