Centennial Hall

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The Centennial Hall (German: Jahrhunderthalle, Polish: Hala Stulecia; formerly Hala Ludowa) is a historic building in Wrocław, Poland. It was constructed according to the plans of architect Max Berg in 1911–1913, when the city was part of the German Empire. Max Berg designed Centennial Hall to serve as a multifunctional structure to host "exhibitions, concerts, theatrical and opera performances, and sporting events." The building and surroundings is frequently visited by tourists and the local populace. It lies close to other popular tourist attractions, such as the Wrocław Zoo, the Japanese Garden, and the Pergola with its Multimedia Fountain. As an early landmark of reinforced concrete architecture, the building became one of Poland's official national Historic Monuments (Pomnik historii), as designated April 20, 2005, together with the Four Domes Pavilion, the Pergola, and the Iglica. Its listing is maintained by the National Heritage Board of Poland. It was also listed as a UNESCO World... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
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National Museum, Wrocław
National Museum, Wrocław
Racławice Panorama
Racławice Panorama
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