Kizawa Memorial Hospital

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Kizawa Memorial Hospital (木沢記念病院, kizawa kinen byouin) is a semi-public non-for-profit general hospital located in central Japan. It is the flagship hospital of the Koseikai Health System (社会医療法人厚生会shakai iryo hojin koseikai). It serves the cities of Minokamo, Kani and surrounding municipalities with a combined population of more than 200,000 persons. It is one of the eight major centers for urgent care and disaster response designated by the Gifu Prefectural Government. The hospital was founded in 1913 as The Recovery Clinic (回生院 Kaisei-In). By 1952, the clinic had become a small hospital (23 beds) and was renamed Kizawa Hospital after the founder. In 1966, the hospital had grown to 190 beds. The current hospital has 452 beds. In 2012, the hospital was ranked #17 nationwide in the private non-profit category.... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
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