Nader Shah Mausoleum

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Mausoleum of Nader Shah is a building in a rare museum in the city of Mashhad that the memory of Nadir Shah Afshar in 1342 AH has been designed and built by Hooshang Seyhoun.building of Mausoleum is in the central part of the burial site of Nadir Shah and museum consists of two halls that one of the weapons of different periods of Iranian history museum and a museum of arms and related works during Nadir Shah displays. Nadir Shah during his lifetime ordered the construction of a small tomb in Mashhad Top Street . The small tomb in the year 1145 AH in Shahi Bagh neighborhood and in front of the Imam Reza shrine was built from mud brick. Ahmad Qavam in the late period of the Qajar dynasty (1296 AH) at one of the rare shrines have been destroyed, a new tomb for him and his bones Tehran carried out of the tomb. The new building was located at the current location of his tomb while on foot to the National Association of Iran in 1335 AH came intends to built their proper resting place for his... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
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