Choijin Lama Temple Museum

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The Choijin Lama Temple (Mongolian: Чойжин ламын сүм) is a Buddhist monastery in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. The complex consists of four temples originally occupied by the brother of the ruler Bogd Khan, Choijin Lama Luvsankhaidav, who was the state oracle at the time. The complex was begun in 1904 and completed in 1908. In 1938 the Stalinist government converted the complex into a museum. The main temple features an 18th-century gilt statue of Buddha Sakyamuni with a statue of Choijin Lama Luvsankhaidav on the Buddha's right and the embalmed corpse of Baldanchoimbolon on his left. In addition, the temple boasts a copious collection of religious instruments, thangka paintings, a copy of the 108-volume Kangyur and hand-printed 226-volume Tengyur brought from Tibet by the Bogd Khan, and a collection of cham dance masks). The annex to the temple contains a heated ger and a central square in which Choijin Lama Luvsankhaidav performed rituals. The Zuu Temple, dedicated to the Buddha... Wikipedia ( Creative Commons Attribution CC-BY-SA 4.0 )
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